For those who don’t know, “wasabi” is a spice used on Japanese food.
I had the opportunity to try it this past weekend and it has a very strong taste like hot peppers. So when my wife’s aunt, who happens to be married to a Japanese gentleman, presented us with a puppy named “Wasabi” my inquisitional mind started racing conjectures about the name and the reasoning for it.
The lady’s response was final and fair: because just like the spice, the puppy will add flavor to your lives.
Wasabi is a 7-month-old beagle, that upon arriving stole a piece of all our hearts. At this point, I feel I must admit this is the first time I own a dog. Still, my 3 boys are quite happy with him: they play, they feed him and even bathe him (when they catch him of course, hehehe)

Here’s a pic of this future heart breaker:

Today we had our first dog emergency, Wasabi started with convulsions, pretty much like an epileptic attack, he vomited and then urinated. He became very, very stiff. After the slowest 20 minutes of my whole life, the vet showed up and without even bothering with proper courtesies, applied the first injection into the dog’s rear leg. When he stabilized the dog he finally took the time to bring us up to date on a very delicate matter:
Our dog had been poisoned!

The questions that entered this author’s mind are endless, but a quick inspection of his retch showed pieces of leaves, roots, intermixed with his Purina and even bits of plastic, the remains of the toys he likes to tear apart.
Right now, he is not his usual playful self, but keeps sleeping off and is very dehydrated. Me and my wife have just finished feed him some special serum to help him reestablish.

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