Is Avengers Endgame inadvertently promoting the Trump ideology?

I was among the first batch of people to watch this epic 3-hour film during a midnight showing. If you still haven’t seen it, please refrain from reading further as the argument will definitely include spoilers.


If you scrolled down, then you entered out of your own free will. Let’s discuss now.

The first I noticed is the change of hands in the gauntlet holding the stones. Thanos wore it on the left hand. After a successful Time Heist, the Avengers made their own version of a gauntlet using, I assume because of the one-size-fits-all property, that nano-technology was involved. The Avenger’s device was right handed. Of course, the explanation can be as simple as saying Thanos was left-handed while Iron Man was right-handed. However, you can’t miss the hidden message that




The right is good and left is evil is hardly a new concept. The word “sinister” comes from Latin to mean “left-handed.” For a while, people who were left-handed were considered un-lucky or even evil. I’m sure we can find many a case of men or women punished for the sole crime of using their left hand.

So, given the Russo Brothers’ penchant for detail, I can’t but otherwise think the left-handed Thanos is evil in thinking wiping half the population of the universe with the snap of a finger was an intentional allusion. Whereas Banner and Stark’s use of the stones was to make things right again.

If that were all, I’d chalk it off to costume, a sort of muscle memory, except…
Enter the refugees from Asgard.
When putting the team back together, Rocket and Bruce pay a visit to Thor and what’s left from his people. They’ve settled in a small town, interact with the rest of the world and are treated fairly. Never mind the majority of them look like Viking gods.

The problem is when the dark-skinned Thanos comes from a sh*thole planet, and well, a big battle ensues. Things didn’t turn out well for him, even Google is erasing him out of existence if you click on the gauntlet.

Tell me that’s not a double standard!

Now, for the record, I enjoyed the film and this is nothing but observations that were perhaps too long to be included in the IMDB profile.

Have you noticed this? Is there any other instance that supports this claim? You can leave your comments below.