I visited Torchwood, finally.

Found a way to pass the time while waiting for the 50th anniversary special of Doctor Who. 

In a word: 

I know, it’s not new.

Truth is, I had stayed away from Torchwood because I knew it was geared toward adults, and one of the appeals of Doctor Who is that I get to watch it with my wife and teen and pre-teen sons, fun for the my party of five. But this weekend all of them took a road trip that I my job prevented me from joining, thus, faced with the choice of visiting The Doctor in one of the old seasons or watching something just as good and new…well, guess where I clicked.

I started with 2006’s season 1. And thus far, the third chapter, Ciberwoman, is by far my favorite one. Very dramatic, well acted, and with a nice Frankenstein twist. It was also good to see Ianto questioning Captain Jack’s leadership, the exchange between was superb. 

So, I'll keep myself entertained for bit. 

Setting the details

Sci-fi author Jacquelpine Lichtemberg invited me to do a follow up post on my previous entry about settings. This time I concentrated on the details.

Hope you like it!