My List... but the not the one you think.

It is that time of the year again when you make resolutions.

This is not my resolution list. I’m still working on mine. Although it would be pretty simple: write more, lose weight, love more…you know, the same old, same old.

Be warned: the actual content of this post will border more in the realm of “ranting,” but not quite there.

If you have read my previous posts you’d know by now I am a huge fan of movies. Now that we are past the purported end of the world, I am grateful Hollywood producers did not fall for such idiotic “predictions” and continued with business as usual. I’m looking forward to several movies in 2013; my top five are Man of Steel, Iron Man 3, and Star Trek into Darkness, A Good Day to Die Hard and The Great Gatsby.

From 2012, my favorite has been Skyfall. Yep, I’m a diehard James Bond fan. The Avengers was awesome, too.  I didn’t enjoy The Dark Knight Rises, so sue me. At least, I managed to escape watching any of the Twilight flicks.

And now, for the “ranting” part of this post: What the heck is wrong with Hollywood producers? Is there no end to their greed? I know a man won an Oscar for claiming greed is good, but come on!
It all began with the 7th Harry Potter book that they thought it would be great to split tale into two admission tickets, two DVD’s (or Blue Rays), two batches of games or action figures, etc. They succeeded because we ate it up. Little did we know that a “Part 2” would soon become the new trend! New Dawn soon followed suit, so did the people behind The Hobbit who boldly stretched the 300+ book into three movies! Today I learned they did the same trick to the third book of the Hunger Games.

I say “trend” because I harbor a small hope that the procedure would die down soon enough. Hopefully.
End of Rant! 

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject.