Treasure Hunt at $0.99 for a limited time

Here's a belated birthday present from my pubisher, Whiskey Creek Press, they included Treasure Hunt in a 3-day $0.99 promo blast at both Nook and Kindle:

Alexander Beck, a for-hire thief that can be contracted through the web by posting ads with his handle: The Falcon. Bill Porter hijacked a plane back in 1978; the proceedings of that caper were securely hidden inside a cave in a Central America country. Falcon is hired to retrieve it, but encounters many problems as a former cellmate of Bill, Jack Davis is after the money himself. Jack will stop at nothing until he gets a hold of the money; kidnapping Bill's daughter Jamie is only the first step.

The book will be at $0.99 from Jul/31 to Aug/01
I'd appreciate any help tweet, FB post or +1, to help spread the word.
Thank you

Food and tension

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