March edition of The Big Thrill

Somebody at The Big Thrill must have thought I resented not having written a story for February--that was not the case--but still, now for March I'm pleased to say I have two, and they were quite different.

Peter Steiner's THE CAPITALIST

Author and cartoonist Peter Steiner writes about the a financial tycoon who thought he could get away with millions of his investor's dollars, until Louis Morgon, a defrocked CIA agent takes an interest in the situation. 

Read the interview here:

Mathew Betley's OVERWATCH

This is a debut author with his introduction of an action-packed globe-trotting hero Logan West. Logan is a former Marine officer and relapsing alcoholic who wakes up from a booze-induced sleep only to find a hitman next to him. 

Read the interview here:  

And of course, there are plenty of other awesome books you may want to catch on with just by reading the e-zine here: