The Big Thrill: Red Widow by Alma Katsu

Alma Katsu navigates a new genre with her latest release, RED WIDOW. Read more about it in this #TheBigThrill feature:
On the Cover:

Proof that honesty is still a thing

An operator drove his forklift along to work. At the last turn, his backpack flew off without him noticing. 

2 ladies picked it up & followed him on foot to the warehouse. 

When he saw it, his face expression ranged from shock to gratitude.

Wishing everybody a....

Happy holiday and a prosperous and healthy 2021. 

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Thrillers Christmas Day Post 7-- JH Bográn

The problem with being reborn from the ashes is, you have to die first.   

After the loss of his wife and child in a plane crash, former NYC firefighter Sebastian Martin is nearing alcoholic oblivion when his brother offers him a last-chance job opportunity as an insurance fraud investigator. Despite his reservations, he soon discovers he has an instinct for the job.   

A move to Dallas, where he learns it's okay to be alive, proves to be his salvation. Investigating fraudulent claims for a dead child and another for a missing husband, in Honduras, leads him to murders, international car thieves, and torture at the hands of a former KGB agent.   

"FIREFALL is smart and engrossing. It's an intelligent, multilayered riff on international crime and punishment that has atmosphere to burn. It's a damned fine book."   -- Jake Needham, author of THE UMBRELLA MAN and five other international crime novels

Reading challenge 2020 updated

Spent an hour in the morning updating my Goodreads profile, and it turns out I've read more books this year than the years before.

In fact, I had to raise my goal from 20 to 30 books. Definitely the pandemic has helped, but also writing interviews and reviews for two magazines have provided me with enough assignments to never wanton for a read. 

For the record, 11 of those books were not assignments.