Batman, Affleck & Miley

All this hype about Ben Affleck casted as the new Batman has been making the rounds since its release, only replaced by the Miley Cirus MTV VMA awards (All I’m going to say about the latter is that I hope no teddy bears were injured in the making of that show).

But back to Affleck. Hardcore fans have put up a fight, as usual. Can’t blame them as I think we, as readers or spectators, pretty much feel invested in those characters.

Of all the buzz, I can sum up the defense of Ben lies on three pillars:
1. He’s a competent actor.
2. He’s an above-average writer &
3. He’s the flavor of the year as a director.

All excellent points, I actually agree with all of them.

The case against him lies in bombs like Pearl Harbor, Gigly and, dare I say, Daredevil?

To me, however, the only objection I find against Affleck is the same I raised when Chris Evans was casted as Captain America: He’d already played another superhero! Since we live in the days post “An Inconvenient Truth”, I know green and recycle are the norm, but come on, couldn’t they find other actors to play the roles? Maybe Henry Cavill can recommend another great British actor to play Batman.

In my opinion, there should be a rule forbidding actors to play more than one superhero.

Some purists my plead that Robert Downey Jr. played an excellent Sherlock Holmes and Iron Man, and I wouldn’t argue, but Sherlock isn’t a superhero.

If they wanted to cast an older actor to make the role of a seasoned crime fighter against the newbie, then I would have recommended Jim Caviezel, not only is he a great actor, but he and Cavill played father and son in The Count of Monte Cristo.

However, the announcement has been made making the decision real. I trust Ben to pull an excellent job despite the bad comments against him.

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