Commenting the Oscars

As a movie fan, I cannot watch a show like the “Oscars” and have nothing to say about it.

Being the 80th uninterrupted annual ceremony I can understand, an agree, that a little celebration and more homage than average is in order.

I think the host did a good job, a bit on the cruel side of jokes, but funny nonetheless.

I was surprised to see they gave a chance to the lady in the duet who had won for best song. Was it something to do with the host calling him names right after his acceptance speech? I can’t locate any gossip blog about it (a little help in the comments section would be appreciated).

What the list of nominated movies showed me this year was that I have a lot of catching up to do for the only one I’ve seen is “Pirates of the Caribbean 3!” Other years I’m only missing a few…mmm…

Other movie that I was surprised to see receiving lots of nominations was “The Bourne Ultimatum.” Very rare that 3rd sequels get so many. Okay, Return of the King is a special case of its own. What I mean is, did Rocky III, or Saw III, or Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, or The Godfather 3 got these many nominations?

Way to go for the Cohen brothers! But they looked out of words by the time to got the 3rd Oscar, don’t you think?

I loved the way Cameron Diaz couldn’t say ¨Cinematography¨ but was able to charm her way out of it with her smile!

How much would Nintendo Wii have paid to be quite possibly the best joke of the evening? That is subliminal advertisement at its best!

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