The Outpost

I just received the most wonderful news from my publisher: The Outpost will be released on Feb/28!!!

Since I want you to know what the heck I'm talking about, here's a small excerpt and coverart for your ease ref.



Karl Jackson and Joseph Doyle are stationed aboard Track 7, an outpost monitoring the traffic in and out of the solar system. When Karl wakes up with his nose pressed against a metal plank, he soon realizes that the lack of gravity is only the beginning of his problems.


“Joe, my space suit is not working properly. I'm getting dizzy. Which is the fastest way to the door?” said Karl into his radio.
Joe Dyles’ voice came after a second, “Right on, partner. Let me see….Okay, turn to your left and go as fast as you can. I'm heading down to the chamber to help you get in.”
Karl followed his partner’s direction but found himself facing the rear of a thruster. He saw a gleam of pure white light growing into a flame right in the center of the hollow exhaust. An invisible forced pressed his chest hurling him away from the station.
Confused and dizzy, he tried desperately to grab one of the handles but he was a millisecond too late: the station was whirling away!


J. H. Bográn
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The Outpost - Red Rose Publishing Feb 28, 2008

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