Participating in The Thriller Roundtable

This week, a group of authors of the ITW are discussing how to bring readers into a conspiracy with the writers:

George Bernard Shaw said that “all professions are conspiracies against the laity.” This week, we ask ITW Members Robert RotsteinEvonne Wareham and J. H. Bográn “How do writers invite readers into the conspiracy?” You won’t want to miss it!

Come and enjoy the fun.

And the veil is lifted for my new novel

I've posted about Highland Creek in the past. I've also mentioned that it would most likely suffer a change in the title.

Well, now the deed is done and thanks to the support of a group of friends I managed to find a suitable title for my next novel:


Fellow Death Toll author Stephen Edger invited me to visit his blog, so I took the chance to explain how the title change came about. Here's the link:

Please visit, and leave a comment!

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