RELEASE DAY: DarkSoul, a Dark Days Novel

Honduras, along the rest of Central America, celebrates today the bicentennial of independence. It is no coincidence that my new novel, coauthored with Steven Savile, is released today. Not only am I Honduran, but a large part of the novel is set there. 

In DARKSOUL: Sophie Keane’s loyalty to the crime organization The Hidden is tested when they give her an impossible mission: supply children to be used as test subject for a new bio weapon.
It's available as an ebook, and part of the Kindle Unlimited at: 




The September edition of The Big Thrill


For the September issue I got the interview two authors whom I met, even shared drinks with, during the last in person ThrillerFest back in 2019. 

After I started working on the assignment, I was pleasantly surprised to discover it would be a cover story. 

Excited to read a book before its release, thrilled to read the start of a new series, and wowed by the the actual story.


Here's the interview with Brian Andrews and Jeff Wilson:

New Book Release

Available for pre-order 
DARKSOUL, book #2 in the Dark Days Series 

Sophie Keane survives because she is useful to some very powerful people who live in the shadows, manipulating the wealth of the world.

She is their fixer. A problem solver. An assassin.

She is capable of any task they demand from her, no matter how distasteful, even if it comes at the cost of her own soul.

But even for a woman like her there is a line that cannot be crossed.

Her Hidden paymasters have negotiated billion dollar contracts for the Patient Zero Serum -codename ZERUM- a new generation of antidotes for pathogens behind projected worst-case pandemics on the W.H.O.'s Deadly Contagion Watch List. These are the diseases capable of wiping out vast populations within weeks and bringing nations to their knees. With Russia pitted in a bidding war against China where the winner gets the cure and the loser faces infection to prove the efficacy of the cure death on a biblical scale is inevitable. 

Sophie can rationalize all of that death. This is who she is and has been for a very long time. 

But then they demand new test subjects - innocent children - and that changes everything.


Fresh off the success of last year’s Blacktop Wasteland, S.A. Cosby delivers another powerful thriller with Razorblade Tears. Ike Randolph is a Black man with a past, but he left prison over a decade ago, reformed his life, and started a successful business. Still, he hasn’t come to grips with his son Isiah’s homosexuality.

You can read the full review of RAZORBLADE TEARS BY S.A. Cosby at the Washington Independent Review of Books. 

July edition of The Big Thrill

I interviewed Jeff Abbott about his new book, AN AMBUSH OF WIDOWS for the July edition of The Big Thrill

Jeff Abbott’s new novel, the devilishly titled AN AMBUSH OF WIDOWS, is about two women with nothing in common except a tragedy.

An “ambush” is the collective noun for a group of widows, and Abbott finds it interesting it’s the same noun for tigers and widows.

“Make of that what you will,” he says. “I like to think both could be dangerous if provoked. I didn’t know about the noun until I was wondering what you called a group of widows and as soon as I saw ‘ambush’ I wanted it to be the title. Of course some people think it’s about an ambush committed against widows, when these widows are more likely to do the actual ambushing.”

Full article at the this link:

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The Kingdoms by Natasha Pulley, a review

My  review of  Natasha Pulley’s THE KINGDOMS (@BloomsburyPub) "a complicated tale with plenty of twists and turns that will keep readers enthralled all the way to the last pages"

June edition of The Big Thrill

 For the June edition of The Big Thrill, I had the opportunity to interview two authors.


HAIRPIN BRIDGE by Taylor Adams:

TedTalk is online

Back in December of 2018 I gave a TED talk in San Pedro Sula Honduras about how writing started as a hobby and ended up becoming an alternate career. 

The title is the same motto that graces my email signature:  "I never tell lies, I only write them."

The video is now available at TED’'s YouTube official channel and you can see it here:


Disclaimer: It's in Spanish and don't know when the subtitles will be available, but hey, it’s a good chance to practice your language skills. ;-) 

The May edition of The Big Thrill

For this month I had the opportunity to interview two authors I have read before, one with a new installment of his ongoing series while the other starting a new one with a bang. 


Beyond the Headlines by R.G. Belsky :

Arctic Storm Rising by Dale Brown : 

Adventure Writers’ Summit 2021

Adventure Writers’ Summit 2021
April 23 - 24
Friday night welcome and introduction and virtual happy hour, followed by Saturday’s main event! 
Designed for adventure writers in all genres, we’re going to dive deep into craft, marketing, branding, and author success in the future of digital publishing. 
Author experts will include folks you’ve probably heard of... Kevin Tumlinson, Joanna Penn, JH Bográn, and lots more... 

Oh. And did I mention it’s FREE?
(VIP tickets are available for a small fee, which will help with future summit costs and ongoing improvements)

Here’s what to do:
2. Share! You know more authors than we do - and they need to know about this thing! 
Write your adventure. See you next week!

April news

 For the April edition of The Big Thrill, I was honored to interview Stu Jones and Gareth Worthington, co-authors of CONDITION BLACK, a harrowing tale that I had the privilege to read an advance reader copy of. 

Read the full article HERE.

This month I'm also participating as a reviewer in the Con-Tinual, the Con That Never Ends.

You can access the video after April/14 on their Facebook Page:

Oh, and speaking of reviewing books, The Washington Independent Review of Books updated their list of reviewers and added me there.


The Big Thrill: Red Widow by Alma Katsu

Alma Katsu navigates a new genre with her latest release, RED WIDOW. Read more about it in this #TheBigThrill feature:
On the Cover:

Proof that honesty is still a thing

An operator drove his forklift along to work. At the last turn, his backpack flew off without him noticing. 

2 ladies picked it up & followed him on foot to the warehouse. 

When he saw it, his face expression ranged from shock to gratitude.