Simply Jazz

I am no Jazz expert. People can see me finding no words when asked about my favorite artist. The truth is I have none, I know it goes well with a shot of Scotch though, ;-)

I do own a couple of compilation CD’s that I put on when I want to hear something other than crickets in the dead of the night while I’m typing. No, the gentle tap of my keyboard is not soothing!

Tonight I went to my first Jazz concert, the US Embassy sponsored “The Kelley Johnson Jazz Quartet” for a tour around Latin America.

So what did I do upon my arrival back home? Right after kissing my wife I logged into Amazon and found “Music is the Magic” and “Make Someone happy”, which are now into my wish list.

While enjoying the velvety voice of Kelley, I got to think about one particular thing about Jazz that I find interesting: it feels spontaneous, like it’s not rehearsed. I know it has to be considering the artists to be professionals, but the rhythm, the gentle swaying, the change in tone, tempo and live playing of actual instruments makes it a wonderful experience. Playback is not a choice with this guys (are you listening Milli Vanilly & Ashley Simpson?).
So here I am now, just about to go into Wikipedia and try to learn about the history of Jazz.

Hope you enjoy it too!

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