The Assassin's Mistress

I’m proud to announce today the release of a short store through Kindle and Smashwords.

The main character is an anti-hero, a professional hitman. An assassin second to none, but no, he’s not the man with the Golden Gun.

James Bond reference aside, the tale of Robert I Prescott is a sad one until he met Chantal while vacationing in a ski resort. It’s a random encounter that led to deception, passion, and murder.

Now check the cover:

The Little Ebook Cover Factory did this for this one.

Now, to celebrate this launch, Jenny Milchman invited me to her blog to share a very special moment on her series Made it Moment. At first it was hard to come up with a moment that I could say “Yes, I made it!” But then when I thought of my previous releases a moment in particular came forward.

Here are the direct links: