First review for Love Me Two Times

Can you see me jumping up and down?

Well, it coldn't be over better news, I got the first review for Love Me Two Times.

" Some women can totally change their mood by simply making a change in their hairstyle. Wear it up and it's sophistication, down and it's carefree fun. But, when Paul Barry doesn't notice the change from down to ponytail, and his date goes from Mary to Marion, he's in for a wild courtship in J.H.Bogran's Love Me Two is packed with laughs and woes as Paul falters now and then in keeping his women straight. Two-timing a woman was never this much hard work!"

You can read the whole review HERE!

Thank you very much to Novelspot for taking the time to review my story.
And obviously you can get your own copy at Red Rose Publishing!

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