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Parking meters, the bane of every driver’s existence, could prove fatal for Teller, an award-winning investigative journalist. Returning to his home town after a twenty-year absence, Teller investigates the mysterious appearance of the Meter Mangler, a hooded vandal who is trashing parking meters. The Mangler is fast becoming a local hero to the town, a town being crushed beneath the oppressive thumb of the Department of Parking Enforcement.
With the death of his best friend, Teller turns his attention to the secretive DPE, a government entity which exacts Draconian measures against anyone unfortunate enough to need a parking space. Commuters are in an uproar, businesses have fled and the downtown shopping area is a ghost town. The people are up in arms. The town is a powder keg.
As parking meters spring up everywhere, and uniformed thugs cruise the streets in Cushman carts like hungry wolves seeking prey, Teller struggles with the ghosts of his past and his growing attraction to his blue-haired lodger while staying one step ahead of a growing threat to his life.
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If you like Michael Connelly , Carl Hiaasen , Elmore Leonard, James Hall, James Lee Burke you’ll enjoy EJ Knapp’s stylish, witty and engaging style.
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‘Hell, it seems, is populated by corrupted politicians, bent businessmen and meter maids. And a sorry place it will be. Knapp takes a swipe at the tyranny of the state from a wholly unexpected angle. Fast and punchy, he lambasts bureaucracies’ easy pillaging of our public spaces. Sometimes the seemingly mundane has the ability to explode into murder and riotous mayhem, to be investigated by a series of intriguing characters and leaving a crumpled pile of official vehicles in its wake.’ – Andrew Brown, author of Inyenzi, Solace, Coldsleep Lullaby, Refuge and Street Blues.

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ISBN:  978-0-9869871-9-9     Paperback US$ 17.99
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295 pages :  8 x 5 ins paperback
Target market: Thriller
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