99 Cent Post-Holiday Genre eBook Potpourri Event

Today, 14 authors announced that starting on January 24, 2013 they will offer their eBooks for 99 cents on Amazon ( http://www.amazon.com/99-cent-Post-H...2FUVA6LIBHK3L/ ). The offer is for a limited time only and applies to a total of 16 eBooks. Readers may choose from Literary Fiction, Fantasy, Women’s Fiction, Romance and Young Adult.
The authors, who are all members of Backspace, an online writers organization, include Christiana Miller, Deanna Roy, Eileen Cruz Coleman, Keith Cronin, Sachin Waikar, J.H. Bográn, A.W. Hartoin, Danielle Younge-Ullman, Rachel Elizabeth Cole, Loretta Giacoletto, Daniel A. Smith, Inge Moore, Nora Carroll and Jess Riley.
The eBooks included in the promotion are:
“All the Lonely People” by Jess Riley
“Deeds of a Master Archer” by J.H. Bográn
“Me Again” by Keith Cronin
“Falling Under” by Danielle Younge-Ullman
“Storykeeper” by Daniel A. Smith
“How to Cook Up A Disaster” by Rachel Elizabeth Cole
“Sweetwater American” by Eileen Cruz Coleman
“The Thief Who Stole Midnight” by Christiana Miller
“Stella and Dane: A Honky Tonk Romance” by Deanna Roy
“Family Deceptions” by Loretta Giacoletto
“The Family Angel” by Loretta Giacoletto
“As Crazy As You” by Inge Moore
“Rumpel, A Cursed Tales Novel” by Eileen Cruz Coleman
“The Color of Water in July: A Novel” by Nora Carroll
“In the Jungle of Black and Yellow” by Sachin Waikar
“It Started with A Whisper” by A.W. Hartoin
Starting on January 24, 2013, readers may easily purchase all sixteen eBooks from Amazon by visiting:  http://www.amazon.com/99-cent-Post-H...2FUVA6LIBHK3L/
To stay informed of the event’s details, visit and like the event Facebook page located at:  https://www.facebook.com/99CentPostH...PotpourriEvent

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