A Forgotten Tome: Breeder by Jim Morris

This book has been haunting me for years. For a time I thought I had imagined reading it. It took me a while, but finally confirmed it was not a figment of my imagination but Jim Morris'
Come read about "Breeder," a Forgotten Tome from the 90's.


Language barriers is the topic in this newsletter

Fellow thriller author Jenny Milchman invited me to participate in her wonderful newsletter to discuss language barriers as a non-native English speaker. I know, some people will say, "oh, I didn't know that" while others will claim, "Of course, that explains a lot!"


The July edition of The Big Thrill

The July edition of  The Big Thrill is out. For this month, I had the opportunity to interview a best-selling author, Alan Jacobson, about his new novel The Dark Side of the Moon, an exciting tale and the fourth book in his ongoing series.

Up Close: Dark Side of the Moon by Alan Jacobson
Story by J.H. Bográn: http://bit.ly/2KnIFkt

Went through an interrogation

Fellow author from Rebel e Publishers interviewed me for her blog. Except, she calls it an interrogation.


It was fun.

New guest blog post

Doing the Research Right, a blog contribution for This Writer's Life