Language barriers is the topic in this newsletter

Fellow thriller author Jenny Milchman invited me to participate in her wonderful newsletter to discuss language barriers as a non-native English speaker. I know, some people will say, "oh, I didn't know that" while others will claim, "Of course, that explains a lot!"

The July edition of The Big Thrill

The July edition of  The Big Thrill is out. For this month, I had the opportunity to interview a best-selling author, Alan Jacobson, about his new novel The Dark Side of the Moon, an exciting tale and the fourth book in his ongoing series.

Up Close: Dark Side of the Moon by Alan Jacobson
Story by J.H. Bográn:

A book from my youth

My new column at the Topshelf Magazine deals with a book I read a long time ago. It took me a long time to research for it, to the point that, for a second there, I thought I had imagined it!

Went through an interrogation

Fellow author from Rebel e Publishers interviewed me for her blog. Except, she calls it an interrogation.

It was fun.

New guest blog post

Doing the Research Right, a blog contribution for This Writer's Life