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Default Deeds of a Master Archer first promo weekend

I've scheduled to give away Deeds of a Master Archer for two days at Amazon. The story will be free on Saturday Oct/06 and Sunday Oct/07. 

If you could post to Facebook and Tweeter I'd be eternally grateful. 

Here's a short Tweet, ready to copy paste:

One village, Two men, Three dragons, winner takes all. DEEDS OF A MASTER ARCHER, #free today.

As a companion, I scheduled The Assassin's Mistress to go Free on Sunday only. 
Here's the suggested Tweet:

In THE ASSASSIN'S MISTRESS, a random encounter leads to love, deception, passion, and murder. #free #kindlefree #rt

The plan is that if all goes well on Sunday, I may add an extra day for both, but we´ll see. 

Thanks to all.

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