The ITW's Thriller Roundtable

As you know, I coordinate the Thriller Roundtables for the ITW. It is a nice gig that allows me to interact with many wonderful authors from around the globe.

For the month of July, and as part of the Tenth Anniversary of Thriller Fest, we organized the topics around one of the main events of the fest: meeting the agents.

We have four wonderful topics that will be discussed by top-notch agents. Here is the list:

Jul 6 - 12 What is the most common mistake writers make in approaching an agent? 
Jul 13 -  19 What is the added-value of agents in the self-publishing model? 
Jul 20 - 26 Do agents have regrets about the story that got away? 
Jul 27 - Aug 2 When should a writer change agents? Are agents wary of writers with low sales seeking such a change? 

The first topic is already open and the agents participating are: Janet Reid, Jennifer Weltz, Albert Longden, Kimberly Cameron, Helen Heller, Michelle Wolfson, Alec Shane, Beth Phelan and John Raab.
The direct link is HERE!