New Release: A Dozen Shorts

A Dozen Shorts by J. H. Bográn

Quite a collection of short stories that range from pure action to blind romance. And why not, some dragon fantasy for good measure.
An eclectic collection of short stories coming from the mind of J. H. Bográn and his muses.

This collection comprises diverse characters on both sides of the law, from rougue FBI agents, to proffesional assassins, and everyday men and women facing impossible odds.

I strongly recommend popcorn and soda as companions while delving into these stories.

Early Reviews

J. H. Bográn shows more than his writing chops in these succinct yet compelling stories filled with a mix of nitty-gritty action, twisted endings, and thought-provoking topics that will stay with the reader long after finishing A Dozen Shorts.
--Loretta Giacoletto, author of A Collection of Givers and Takers

A Dozen Shorts packs the punch of a thousand boxers. Bogran's wry Fleming-esque humor sets the tone for this varied collection. Comprised of classic noir gems, high-action thrill romps, and thought-provoking grit pieces, these stories will keep readers mulling them over long after they've read them.
--Gina Fava, author of The Race

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