I ran into The Doctor

Last night, a friend of mine invited me to meet for coffee. He’s getting married and wanted to give me the wedding invitation.

I arrived first, a few minutes past the set time. He then calls me to apologize that he’s late getting off work and to ask if I’d wait for a bit. Of course, I say.

Only trouble was I had brought no book, no writing pad, nothing to work on!

I turned to my phone, twitted a bit, posted a few likes and comments on Facebook, then got bored. No surprise there, right?

Hesitant that it would work, I opened the Netflix app. Browsed for a minute or two, then settled on “Rose,” the first episode of the re-launched series.  Although I’ve heard of the series and the cult follow it has gathered, it was the very first time I watched an episode.

In a word: WOW!

Easy to understand the legion of fans. I like the camera angles, the writing, the little details. Not one info-dump during the entire show. We got to meet the characters gradually.

You gotta love new technology.

PS: My friend arrived a few minutes after the end of the episode. Now I have to figure out what to give him as present for his upcoming wedding.