The Inevitable Blog Tour

I guess it is time I come clean and explain all those posting and tweets announcing interviews, reviews and guest blog spots. Well, as it turns out, I’m in the middle of a blog tour. Of course, new to this as I am, I failed to prepare a one place to show all. Well, that ends right now, if not for my benefit, at least to help the next author stumbling into the dark room of online promotion:

It all began on April/27, the day that I also launched my free day with Amazon Kindle Select program.

April/27: I was invited to write a blog post for Chris Redding's blog. I decided to explore about our relationship as authors with our own characters: here's the link:

April/30: W.S. Gager's reporter-with-an-attitude Mitch Malone decided to press his luck and put professional hitman Robert I Prescott in the spot. Now, who would do such a thing on purpose? :-)

May/1: Peg Brantley did a spanking deep-probing interview of me. She even coaxed a photo of my workspace out of me:

May/04: I wrote about Writing Companions on Debbi Mack’s “My Life on the Mid-List blog:

May/07: I wrote about the hated and fearsome promotion that we authors must overcome and do:

May/10: I’m coming straight from Hel:

May/15:  I explore about research at Nancy’s Notes from Florida:

May/23: I will visit the Crime Fiction Collective blog:

June/06: Maryann Miller is putting me in the spot for an interview in her blog:

And some more to come. So come back any time for an update. 


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