It happened in Washington!

Yesterday afternoon was a good day for Honduras democracy. Former President Zelaya met with U.S. Secretary of State Hillay Clinton and it seems the tide has finally turned.
After hiding behind his dictator friends who threaten to invade Honduras, a failed attempt to return to the country that cost the life of a 19-year-old lad, and the international proof that OAS is biased and in its current presidency at an all-time-low in both common sense and functionality. Mel Zelaya finally threw himself at the mercy of the country he had said was the cause of all our troubles. After the meeting, Zelaya agreed to open conversation with President Michelletti, to be moderated by the Peace Nobel Prize winner Oscar Arias.
Gone are not the troubles, this is not the magic spell, but a change in attitude is the first steps towards a solution. Guess who was left out of the scene? You guessed it, Hugo Chavez and his army get to stay in Venezuela. The old adage that if not part of the solution, he was part of the problem falls on Chavez as a tailor-made suit.
Let us hope, that cool heads prevail in Costa Rica tomorrow so we can go on with our lives.

Our special thanks to Hillary Clinton who made it possible!

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